The Human Rights Project promotes domestic compliance with universally accepted human rights standards. To achieve this aim, HRP:

  • Educates the public about our government’s role in advancing or restricting human rights.
  • Equips advocates with human rights tools, models and networks.
  • Inspires a new community conversation through cultural work and thought leadership.
  • Develops and shares models for using a human rights frame in policy analysis.

HRP representatives are regularly
In anticipation of the 2013 elections
The Human Rights Project is pleased to
Our annual Human Rights Institute

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HRP representatives are regularly booked for public speaking engagements. If you would like to invite HRP to participate in your event, please click here to contact us.




In anticipation of the 2013 elections and the subsequent turnover of the New York City Council seats, the Human Rights Project  released human rights profiles of New York City council prospects. The profiles, consisting of Council members and candidates responses to an eight-question human rights questionnaire, provided New York City voters with a unique snapshot of their positions on human rights.

The Human Rights Project is pleased to announce the release of our sixth annual New York City Council Human Rights Report Card. The Report Card is a tool for education and for action, designed to advance the use of a human rights framework in policy evaluation and advocacy. It also measures the commitment of the New York City Council to promoting human rights in our city.

Our annual Human Rights Institute promotes good governance and social change by training a select group of participants from around the country to strengthen their local advocacy efforts by using a human rights frame. Participants learn about the domestic applicability of human rights mechanisms, network with other organizations, and join the growing movement for human rights in the United States.