"It is with great disappointment that we have to make the Human Rights Project (HRP) dormant due to the lack of financial resources available for policy and education work that advances the domestic application of universal and regional human rights law in the United States.  

HRP has trained hundreds of advocates from every social justice movement on how to hold local state and federal government accountable to their human rights obligations, held New York City elected officials accountable to human rights standards through the NYC Human Rights Report Card, and advocated for ICERD and CEDAW (the international racial justice and womens rights treaties) to be infused in local law. The project has been a national leader in building a human rights culture in this country for two decades.  
Philanthropic support for the handful of organizations holding the U.S. accountable to the broader and more progressive norms of international human rights law has all but disappeared in recent years, and so for now we must shutter this critically important project until that reality changes."
-RJ Thompson-Rodriguez, Esq.
Project Director

Human Rights Project of the Urban Justice Center